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Where to find a doctor in Montenegro!

You are visiting Montenegro, the country of unprecedented beauty. You have booked your accommodation and one of the questions that might pop up in the conversations about your trip to Montenegro is that of medical healthcare in this mesmerizing country. By posing a question “where to find a doctor in Montenegro” or “where to find best medical care in Montenegro” one of the reassuring answers is Marin Med in montenegro

Operating within Kotor General Hospital, this private medical concierge company looks after your ultimate medical healthcare needs. Marin Med Montenegro has its own accommodation units within the hospital and it also has exclusive access to all hospital departments.Marin Med Montenegro In case of medical emergencies in Montenegro you can call our office as we are  24/7 at your disposal. What is also reassuring is the fact that Marin Med Montenegro sister company, Marin Med Dubrovnik, Croatia is approximately 90 minutes away from Kotor with the latest technology equipment. Marin Med Montenegro in this way offers you full comprehensive service. It is also worth mentioning that Marin Med Montenegro accepts all major insurance policies. One more reason why to choose Marin Med Montenegro as your number one medical health care provider. For more information visit our website or mail us or simply call us on +382 67 417 417.



Best plastic surgery treatments abroad

Marin Med Clinic and Private Hospital Dubrovnik offers a wide range of plastic surgery packages such as breasts enlargement, breasts lift, tummy tuck, face lift, eye lid correction at value for money prices, performed by highly qualified surgeons who are members of the world recognized associations

Why you should choose our clinic for your plastic surgery procedure?

Breasts enlargements

If you are thinking to go abroad for a plastic surgery procedure, you should be interested in the following fact. Almost 25% of all plastic surgery procedures in the European Union are performed in Croatia, Czech Republic and Slovenia. The prices of the plastic surgery treatments such as breasts enlargementbreasts lift, tummy tuck, face lift or eye lid surgery are cheaper but the quality is not compromised as Croatian Plastic surgeons are largely members of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. Furthermore, Croatia is one of European best known holiday destinations and it has experience in organizing medical tourism packages. An added value bonus is also the fact that Croatia and in particular Dubrovnik is a destination rich in cultural heritage and it is a place of immense beauty where you can refresh yourself in a true sense of the word.

Here you can compare prices of our procedures with the ones in UK,

Price Comparison

Breasts Lift

Tummy Tuck

Face Lift

Eye Lid

Breasts Enlargement


fr £2600

fr £4400

fr £3900

fr £1900

fr £3600


fr £5300

fr £6900

fr £7000

fr £4000

fr £6300


fr $7500

fr $7500

fr $7000

fr $3500

fr $7500

Master Class of the world’s best plastic surgeons held in Marin Med Clinic

Plastic surgery treatment abroad

Marin Med Clinic and Private Hospital Dubrovnik has held Master Class of the world best plastic surgeons back in April. This master class has been moderated by one of Croatia’s best plastic surgeons, Dr Mario Zambelli who is the president of Croatian Association of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Zambelli  also happens to be a member of prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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Dubrovnik accommodation

Dubrovnik accommodation

When  you key in your Google search engine: Dubrovnik accommodation,  the globalization kicks in. If you have keyed in this phrase you will see exactly what I meant by globalization kicking in.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Tourism registration engine: E-visitor, 2.6 million tourists visited Croatia in June 2017 which is up by 31% in comparison to the record breaking 2016.

When it comes to the most popular destinations, Dubrovnik firmly holds pole position with Zagreb following closely and Rovinj ,Poreč and Split as runners up. Split is becoming extremely popular due to the fact that it has cultural heritage as well as it is the hub for the islands of Brač, Hvar and Vis.

The globalization has set some firm standards and today no-one travels without an insurance policy. And this is rightly so especially when it comes to the hospital network of public institutions on the Adriatic coast. Zagreb is a story on its own because it is there where the country’s best hospitals are concentrated. As for Dubrovnik’s medical story, if in need it is good to know of  Marin Med Clinic and Private Hospital existence. It comes in handy to know that it accepts all major insurances  and it offers first class medical care. It is at disposal 24/7 to its clients and you can beat the waiting time otherwise spent in public hospitals.

If you know come to the beginning of this story you will know realize why Dubrovnik private accommodation is flourishing. Simply there is no enough hotel capacity in Dubrovnik to accommodate  all of its visitors. Although the numbers are great for the Croatian economy, this type of tourism is far from being sustainable and the practice of the town folk living for the tourist season ought to be replaced with the one that will witness Dubrovnik citizens living with the visitors to the Peal of the Adriatic.

Marin Med Clinic & Private Hospital Dubrovnik, a proud sponsor of Midsummer Scene Festival

Marin Med Clinic & Private Hospital Dubrovnik, a proud sponsor of Midsummer Scene Festival.

Marin Med Clinic & Private Hospital Dubrovnik is sponsoring a must attend cultural event  which is taking place from June 24 till July 5 on the fort Lovrijenac. Organised by Dubrovnik Brilliant Events and co-produced by Honey Tongued  Theatre Productions Ltd, it is indeed a prelude for Dubrovnik Summer Festival. William Shakespeare’s a Midsummer Night’s Dream is to be performed in English and it is directed by Helen Tennison.

Marin Med Dubrovnik, in its capacity as the first choice for readers’medical needs, looks after the  well being  of the Scene festival ‘s visitors and it is supporting cultural events  of this kind as they enrich the summer season’s scene. For  more info please visit Midsummer Scene Festival.

Centrale, the driving force of Luštica Bay.

Centrale, the driving force of Luštica Bay.

The concept behind Centrale is a proven formula, bringing the residential community of Luštica Bay development together and offering a special symbiosis with a nearby town of Radovići. One may ponder what is a key success of our Montenegrin neighbors?  It lies in the high degree of flexibility shown on the part of the authorities to attract  foreign investments and wise move of entrepreneurs to create secluded real estate developments  with luxury amenities. This is by far a quaint solution regarding the property owners and most definitely Centrale in its own capacity as Luštica Bay centre will fulfill its core role as a heart of a vibrant community.

As for the matters of healthcare, 24/7 concierge service provided by Marin Med Montenegro offers a piece of mind for the buyers of properties on the Montenegrin coast. Functioning within Kotor General hospital as a private practice, it has an exclusive access to all hospital’s departments and it also possesses its own luxury accommodation units.  This offers reassurance that your medical care is in the right hands. Adding to this the fact that Marin Med Montenegro accepts all major insurance policies is comforting and one may easily put a signature on its property contract.

More on properties in Luštica Bay and medical care in Montenegro.

Marin Med Dubrovnik first choice for your medical needs

Marin Med Dubrovnik first choice for your medical needs

Dubrovnik is Croatia’s best known destination and its Old City is one of the word’s marvels with its rich cultural heritage.  It attracts the hordes  of travelers from all parts of the world. Dubrovnik Riviera with its Elaphiti islands is ideal for battery recharging. For instance Konavle region is Tuscany in itself with idyllic somewhat picturesque hills and original gastronomic and wine offer is ideal for holiday for many British tourists.  That is why there is a prolific rise in villas with pools which are, one has to admit, appealing   as your own place under the sun.

There is a large number of visitors who spend on average four days in Dubrovnik, one of which is reserved for visiting either Mostar or Medjugorje in nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina. Others are for that matter attracted to charms of Montenegro.

We all know that travelling abroad encompasses a compulsory travel insurance, and this is why Marin Med Dubrovnik private clinic and hospital is your first choice for your medical needs. So probably  before you book your hotel in Dubrovnik, one should get acquainted with the medical needs providers on Dubrovnik Riviera, just in case without any further do. It is not that we are bragging about it, but Marin Med Dubrovnik private clinic and hospital and clinic are the comprehensive answer to all your medical needs both in Dubrovnik and with its sister company Marin Med Montenegro in Kotor, Montenegro. As the old Croatian adage says: Prevention is a half way to cure. Therefore take a minute of your time and do visit our websites in Dubrovnik and Kotor.